New Fighter Revealed in Diesel Legacy Demo

We have been eagerly anticipating the release of Maximum Entertainment’s Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age, a co-op fighting game that caught our attention last year. The game has now released a new demo on Steam, introducing a towering new fighter named Dieselmech. This new character adds an exciting element to the game with his unique abilities and backstory.

The demo includes a tutorial to familiarize players with the gameplay mechanics. Similar to games like Samurai Shodown, Diesel Legacy utilizes four face buttons for attacks, along with a lane-switching feature inspired by Fatal Fury and Guardian Heroes. This allows for dynamic 2-on-2 battles and adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Players can explore a hub world in the demo where they can engage in local matches, online matchmaking, private games, or spectate matches. Local co-op is supported in team battles, where players can team up against AI opponents. The difficulty level seems to have been adjusted, as players have reported an improved challenge in the matches.

The new fighter, Dieselmech, has a fascinating backstory. Originally designed as a peaceful automaton, he was transformed into a powerful super soldier after his creator’s abduction. Despite his imposing appearance and destructive weaponry, Dieselmech retains a sense of compassion triggered by a small orphaned kitten. As players engage with Dieselmech in battles, they will witness his growth and development as he learns the importance of helping others.

Diesel Legacy is set to be released on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam later this year. Physical versions for PlayStation 5 and Switch are already available for pre-order on Amazon. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this thrilling co-op fighting game with the addition of the formidable Dieselmech.