New Zealand’s head of government is surprised by quake


During TV-Interview – new Zealand’s head of government uses quake überraschtAls suddenly, a earthquake of a magnitude of 5.8, continues Jacinda Ardern your conversation left.0 comment can’t be out of the rest: Jacinda Ardern despite the earthquake, cool.(Video: AP)

Jacinda Ardern wanted to inform on Monday, actually, about what is happening in Parliament. For this, they answered questions from a moderator on live TV. Suddenly everything began to shake Jacinda Ardern around.

The politician told the presenter that an earthquake would have used. In spite of the quake Jacinda Ardern, however, remained cool and was even able to calm the audience. She explained that she was in a solid government buildings and, therefore, the Interview could continue.

. The epicenter was near the capital city of Wellington. Reports of damage or injuries are not available.


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