On 1 October of this year, some of the new rules. For example, the personnel of the Flemish government, is no longer flying, for a trip of less than 500 miles. And who is that reptiles love, a new, more stringent, set of regulations.

The staff of the Flemish government, starting on 1 October, is no longer in the plane and have to take an overseas business trip of less than 500 km in less than six hours to travel across the country. “Unless it is shown that the displacement by any other means of transportation result in a loss of time or money are involved, or for other serious reasons, it is not appropriate or practicable, shall be deemed to be” believed.

The Flemish government, following the example of the Flemish Parliament and to the foreign missions to promote sustainability. The surgery is just one of the many changes in the Flemish staff regulations.

11,000 people living reptiles.

as of 1 October, shall in Flanders, it is no longer in all, but only 421 reptile species kept as pets can be. That can be summed up in a so-called positive list, which is the Flemish minister for animal Welfare Ben Weyts (N-VA) this year. Of reptiles, of which there is not and there should no longer be marketed or used.

up Until now, if you will, in theory, every one of the 11,000 different reptile species at home. But since people don’t always know where they are getting started, it would end up a lot of the exotic animals at the local shelter, or out in the wild.

on A positive list of reptile species for mammals, there is no such list, has been since 2001 – what needs to change in the coming days. Minister Weyts used for the preparation of it, on the advice of the Flemish Council for the Welfare of the animals. The reptiles need to keep things simple, it may not be a great danger for people and the environment, and there should be plenty of info available about their treatment and care. The list is dynamic, which means that in the future, they have to be shortened or can be extended. Today, there are 421 species of turtles and tortoises, lizards and snakes on it. Crocodiles and poisonous snakes are not to be found, as well as the popular green iguana.

register Online.

If October 1 is already in the possession of a reptile that is not on the list, are allowed to keep it. However, if it is necessary, it should be the owners that will, however, be able to prove that. For example, in cases where the Service of animal Welfare on-the-spot need to be due to a problem with the animal. Have a sales receipt, or a written statement from a veterinarian as proof of acceptance. Those who don’t have one of these documents, it may include species which can be visited until 30 november to register with the Flemish service for the Welfare of animals.

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