celebrating the river: Also this year, new year’s eve in Frankfurt is the big event. Thousands, many of them Newcomers from the Region, will once again flock to the shores to see the fireworks in front of the skyscrapers and on one of the bridges on the “New” trigger.

The Tradition of this spectacle is since a couple of years that it can monitor hundreds of police. You may regret it as a loss of light-heartedness to complain. Complaining helps, of course, nothing. It would be negligence to leave such events to the play of forces.

Forex “Zero-tolerance”

The free society must be secured, especially when she comes out. It is in times of sustained threat of terrorism and the growing Aggression is not a Paradox, but a compelling necessity. Hardly a folk festival, no Christmas market, no Bundesliga game without a high number of security forces. Concrete bollards on the access roads are now Standard, to prevent terrorist attacks. And after it came to the turn of the year 2015/16 in Frankfurt, as in other large cities to massive sexual violence, city and police spend with the motto of “Zero tolerance” only, but also in practice.