In Germany are eagerly awaiting the people on Monday evening the new year, while in some Parts of the world in 2019, already has begun. The Start made it, as always, inhabitants of the Pacific Islands, followed by new Zealand and Australia and, later, countries such as South Korea and the Philippines.

The German fireworks industry is expecting a consistently high level of new year’s eve sales of more than EUR 130 million, even if there had been this year a debate about the sense and nonsense of fireworks and Böllerei in times of high particulate pollution in the cities. Among other things, the Federal environment Agency had called for a renunciation of private new year’s eve fireworks.

In Sydney was the new year at 14 o’clock German time with a colourful spectacle greeted – according to the organizers of 8.5 tonnes of fireworks went up in the air once more, 500 pounds more than last year. To light rain resounded the music of the 2018 deceased Soul singer Aretha Franklin. For the stay in the new year’s eve-Site spectator admission paid up to 60 dollars (37 Euro). Also in Melbourne, the night sky glowed.

a number of municipalities have banned fireworks

In China began in 2019 to 17 o’clock German time, because the big Chinese new year celebrations in February. The exception of the Hong Kong special administrative region, where a glittering fireworks display lit up the port. Also in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, there was a large fireworks display in front of high-rise backdrop.

during the day, had listened to a lot of people to the custom of the new year swimming in cold water, among others in Lucerne, in Switzerland or in the port of Copenhagen.

In Germany, requested that in view of the increase in the number of attacks on police officers and firefighters trade Union of police (GdP) respect for the forces. “Police and rescue forces, it is also new year’s eve are for you. Let them do their work and they will not attack. They are there for you“, admonished GdP Federal chief Oliver Malchow via Twitter.


a number of municipalities have in recent years fireworks from fire protection or custody of the wreck is forbidden. A General fireworks ban applies to churches, hospitals, retirement homes and fire-hazardous building. With strict controls on the police in Hanover wanted to ban the first planned fireworks in the Central downtown area to enforce.