Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) has called the Hesse in his new year address to live the values of the democratic society in everyday life. “The greatest danger to our democracy is the indifference,” said the Wiesbaden-based head of government. Concern the slow Moving of borders in Thinking and in Action ready for him “”. Everyone could afford to own way to make a contribution to “the values that are important to all of us, are more than empty words”. Often it would be the small situations in everyday life, “in which, as openly, freely and in solidarity, a society really is”.

Hesse have experienced an exciting year, the Prime Minister said. As achievements, he cited the contribution of freedom for kindergartens, the increase in the police and investment in digitization, science and research. The state could confidently go into the new year and challenges such as the Brexit or climate change.