you can get on A tram, but with all the benefits of the bus, which is the first of trambus, which from now will be between the sint-jans-molenbeek, and Brussels Airport. Normal was hoping for The Line to him to stop, but the permits are not in order.

“for A price of three to share. But then, the wheels and the manoeuvrability of a bus. And it’s better for the environment than buses, which are running for the trambus has a hybridemotor, which is to say that they are both electric and run on diesel,” says Bobby Debruyn of The Line.

the Passengers of The Line can, over the course of december, for the first time, a blow-off. “In fact, we had hoped to be the first to trambus now, all of it on-line and 820, and between the sint-jans-molenbeek, Vilvoorde and Brussels Airport. However, since this is the first time that trambussen drive in the country, there are a variety of licences, permits and special authorizations are required. And for that, we do not yet have got”, what it sounds like.

There are a number of minor changes are planned, so that the trambus will certainly be a smooth flow through. “It is the intent of the trambus is about 16 km away and bus is driving. But they are not all of them. That work is to be executed in phases.”

24 m) – long

The Line is ordered, trambus vehicles in the Flemish busbouwer Van Hool. A trambus can accommodate 137 guests have 51 seats and 86 standing).

now, However, it will not be anywhere to just be able to drive it, as it is a bus of 24 metres in length. In a standard bus-powered, it is 12 meters long, the bus ride (in two parts), up to 18 feet in length.

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