New study shows that the – heart sick children should play sports What many parents and even some Doctors know: Also for children with various heart diseases, regular exercise is important.Stefan Aerni1 Kommentar1Auch children and young people with congenital heart defects should regularly go in for sports.Photo: PhotoAlto

at Least one hour of exercise a day – so the General recommendation of the world health organization (WHO) for children and adolescents is. The reach in Central Europe, only about twelve percent of 6 – to 17-Year-olds. According to a new study out of Germany, among children with congenital heart defects significantly less. Physicians see urgent action is needed, because, often, excessive caution is not the cause.

Less than nine percent of the children with heart defects and bustle of a daily hour of sports and to meet the recommendations of the WHO. In principle, children with congenital heart defects do not have to forgo sports, on the contrary, movement is even more important because of the increased risk of threatening sequelae counteracts.

advice gap amongst Doctors

The children’s cardiologist, Christian Apitz, University hospital of Ulm, warns against the health portal Aponet: “That parents and guardians tend to grab the young heart patients in cotton wool, was known to us. A similar behavior emerges, but also of the attending Physicians, fills us with concern. Here is an advice gap that urgently needs to be closed.”

The researchers recommend better education and more movement offers which are also suitable for children and young people with heart defects.

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