The Swedish streaming service Spotify has introduced a new feature that individual artists can use to block. In the case of the Smartphone application, the service user can put, more recently, directly in the profile of the respective musicians that they no longer want to hear. The Songs of the artist are then omitted, if Spotify is playing a on the basis of user behavior and automatically generated music mix.

On the Desktop Version of the streaming service, the function was not found. Spotify did not comment on the request to the new. Last dissatisfied users had asked again and again to find a way to banish unwanted musicians from your personal Spotify offer.

The user

The decision in the case of Spotify apparently has something to do with the case of the American pop star and Grammy award winner R. Kelly. Kelly’s Songs did not want to listen to numerous users in the past year, after new abuse were accusations against him known. Spotify restricted the dissemination of his music. Similarly, the Portal decided, apparently, also about other discredited artist. Later, the pre-selection was taken back again.

Now, it should remain the users themselves to decide the extent to which they condemn the transgressions of their favorite musician, or you want to ignore.