How strong Russia has influenced the American presidential election campaign of 2016 in social media? Since the election of Donald’s Trumps to 45. The President of the United States, this issue will be discussed. A report for the United States Senate shows now: Russian actors, the widespread Propaganda on all the major Social Media platforms, not only – as previously assumed – especially on Facebook. In addition, the influence is not limited to the period before the day of the election, but intensified in the aftermath of trump’s choice even as the “Washington Post”, which is a draft of the study, reported.

The report, a team of researchers analyzed millions of posts and Videos, on shows, what is the strategy pursued by the Russian actors in the social networks: you to cut your messages accurately to the respective target group. Conservative voters were shown content, which promoted Trump. In addition, it was tried to make them with issues such as gun laws or Immigration sentiment.

Liberal from the Select to dissuade

As a liberal classified voters were confused according to the study, however, targeted and distracted – even to dissuade you from finally go to the polls. So you received some incorrect information about the election process. Especially black Americans, had been addressed in this way.

the influence was limited according to the study, not only on Facebook but also on other Social Media channels such as Instagram and Youtube. But even in smaller networks like Tumblr, Google+, or Pinterest, the Russian actors have tried to influence. As a main player in the Internet Research Agency with headquarters in St. Petersburg, against which the American judiciary has already been charged in the February indictment.