Even if the present is full of pictures, art, time and time again, a new, surprising, unusual, captivating, disturbing look at the world and throw things. The exhibitions, which are presented in the Frankfurt Schirn Kunsthalle in the new year tools, in a very forceful way. The program 2019 begins with a Look at to visit in the late work of the Austrian sculptor Bruno Gironcoli 14 (. February to 12. May). Gigantic objects, which seem to come from a surrealist Dream, or a future, with novel species that populate the rooms, creature with the shiny surfaces of Gold, silver and copper.

Michael Holzer

culture editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

“A Journey through Mud and Confusion with Small Glimpses of Air” is the title of an exhibition that offers an Overview of the work of the Swedish artist Duo, Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg (28. February to 26. May). About 40 Video and sound work from the past two decades, the audience in colorful environments that are imbued with hypnotic sounds and a dark, black sense of Humor primed parables play. The Swiss concept, Performance and object artist John M. Armleder, for the exhibition “About, approximately” (7. June to 1. September) can develop specifically for the Schirn new installations, he will present in the Indoor and outdoor space.

Sound in contemporary art

in Parallel, a major thematic Exhibition devoted to the Sound in contemporary art. The Exhibition “Big Orchestra” (19. June to 8. September) brings together artistic Works that function as musical instruments, or to refer to. Sound and image become one unit. To experience, among other things, works by Doug Aitken, Nevin Aladag, Tarek Atoui, Constantin Luser, Christian Marclay, Caroline Mesquita, Rie Nakajima, Naama Tsabar, and David Zink Yi.


As a contribution to the book fair, whose guest of honour this year is Norway, which invariably monumental wall work of Hannah Ryggen, whose pictorial language always has a political Background. (26. September to 12. January, 2020. For the first Time, the audience in Germany receive an insight into the OEuvre of this Norwegian artist.

a retrospective on the work of Lee Krasner

As a highlight of the exhibition program in 2019, the Schirn announces a retrospective on the work of Lee Krasner, one of the founders of Abstract expressionism in the United States and has been instrumental in achieving (11. October to 12. January 2020). Approximately 100 works, paintings, collages, drawings, and films and photographs from international public and private collections, giving an overall impression of the Krasners, includes a half-century. The importance it had for the development of the modern abstract painting that was revealed late, but she stood long in the shadow of her husband Jackson Pollock, the she supported as the wife and Muse, even in difficult situations always. The specifically American style of gestural abstraction, which was formed in the fifties, but at its core, a product of the symbiotic collaboration between Pollock and Krasner. After the early death of the artist Krasner went new ways: they contented themselves with once found artistic solutions, but was always on the search for new modes of expression.