New Preston Flats Plan Approved to ‘Kickstart’ City Regeneration

Plans for a new 19-storey block of flats in Preston city center have been given the green light, with hopes that the development will revitalize a rundown area of the city. The project will see the construction of approximately 280 flats, including a four-storey element and an 11-floor tower, at the intersection of Church Street and Manchester Road. The site, currently occupied by disused shops, will be transformed into a vibrant public space that aims to rival the popular Winckley Square.

According to Clare Bland, the agent for the property, the development’s main goal is to create a space that will be enjoyed by all residents. The 19-storey tower will feature 125 one-bedroom flats and 51 two-bedroom properties on the upper floors, while the adjacent four-storey block will offer commercial units on the ground floor and a mix of one-bed and two-bed flats.

The project received unanimous approval from the Preston City Council’s planning committee, with committee member John Rutter emphasizing the urgent need for redevelopment in the area. However, the Church Street flats will not include any discounted affordable housing, citing financial constraints due to rising building costs since 2020.

Despite the lack of affordable housing in the initial plans, a review is scheduled for the future to assess the project’s profitability and potentially allocate funds for affordable housing elsewhere in the city. This move aims to balance the need for regeneration with the city’s commitment to providing affordable housing options for residents.