takes The SPD under a new attempt, the former Berlin Finance Senator Thilo Sarrazin from the party to exclude. The Board of management have decided to do this on Monday, a party planning procedure, said SPD General Secretary, Lars klingbeil. The basis for the decision, the report of a Commission of inquiry to Sarrazin’s recent Statements and publications.

The Commission has come to the conclusion, “that Sarrazin’s theses propagated with the principles of the SPD are incompatible, and the party causes serious damage,” said Klingbeil.

the Commission, among other things, Gesine Schwan, and Herta Däubler-Gmelin sat. The SPD had asked the panel to consider Sarrazin’s latest Islam-critical book “Hostile Takeover” and his other Actions, and a recommendation for the further handling with the party member.

“has submitted to The Commission of inquiry is now a comprehensive and very thorough report,” said Klingbeil. On this basis, the party Executive had decided, a new party in order to initiate the process. The aim of the exclusion of Sarrazin from the SPD.

the results of The investigation will not publish the SPD for the time being. “The report is the subject of the current proceedings and is accordingly not published,” said a party spokeswoman for the German press Agency. In addition, the obligation of confidentiality in this clause 17 applies in the context of a party, order proceedings arbitration rules. “This applies to the members of the arbitration Commission, as well as for all parties Involved and assists in the procedure,” she explained.