The loss of the Kassel Airport is to be built, a new commercial area. The state of Hesse, the County and the city of Kassel and the municipality agreed Calden, such as the North Hesse regional airport announced on Wednesday. A total area of about 655.000 square metres, where companies are to settle and so more jobs will be created.

in Addition, were reallocated the shares slightly. The municipality of Calden retains three percent and 1.5 percent to the city and the County. The goal is a financial relief for the community. The country remains the biggest shareholder with 68 percent.

for the First time, more than 1000 Employees

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Hesse’s Finance Minister Thomas Schäfer (CDU) provides for the airport on a good way, as he explained. This year, the number of passengers will rise for the first time, over 130,000, he is also counting for the first time, more than 1000 Employees.

in 2017, made it to the Airport around six million euros Minus, it’s around 70,000 passengers had been recorded. Originally to rise to 497.000 passengers had been once up to the year 2024 is expected. The Kassel Airport was opened in 2013, the construction costs amounted to more than EUR 280 million.