New Haiti Prime Minister Garry Conille Hospitalized

Haiti’s new prime minister, Garry Conille, was hospitalized late Saturday in the capital of Port-au-Prince due to an asthma attack. A government source confirmed to French news agency AFP that Conille had doctors by his bedside and there was a possibility of him being evacuated abroad for further treatment.

An unidentified source close to Conille revealed to news agency Associated Press that the prime minister experienced difficulty breathing and was asthmatic, occasionally relying on an inhaler. The prime minister’s office released a statement stating that Conille was feeling unwell after a week of intense activities but was in stable condition.

This development comes at a critical time for Haiti, as Conille was appointed as prime minister on June 3 with the task of restoring stability and combating violent gangs in the country. The transition council, responsible for his selection, aims to organize elections before February 7, 2026.

Haiti has faced a series of leadership crises, starting with the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021, leaving the country without a president. Ariel Henry, who succeeded Moise as prime minister, resigned in March after being unable to re-enter Haiti following a trip to seek support for a security mission in Kenya.

As Haiti grapples with political instability and violence, the hospitalization of Prime Minister Conille adds another layer of uncertainty to the country’s future. The situation remains fluid as authorities work to address the leadership vacuum and navigate the challenges ahead.