The note is likely to be salty this winter. Faced with the energy crisis, the rise in gas and electricity prices is inevitable, and its repercussions on the wallets of the French, just as fateful.

In order to preserve, at a minimum, the purchasing power of households, the Borne government has however decided on a series of measures, which the Prime Minister mentioned on Wednesday September 14 during a press conference.

With, in the first line, the establishment of a price shield to limit the surge in prices this winter.

“We will limit price increases to 15% for gas in January 2023 and 15% for electricity in February 2023,” said the chief executive.

The government also estimates that such an increase represents, on average, an increase in bills of:

Over the year, the CLCV association (Consommation Logement Cadre de vie) figures the increase at 240 to 300 euros per year per household, and qualifies the difference, despite the tariff shield, as “difficult to bear for the vast majority of French people. ”.

The government has decided, in this sense, to grant an energy check to the most modest households. This aid, which will be paid by the end of the year, should concern 12 million households (i.e. four out of ten households) and its amount should be established at 100 or 200 euros, according to income, indicated the First minister.

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