the Newly surfaced footage from the security camera of a gas station in australia’s Byron Bay show and the family But Hayez hope again: when the man in the images, it is effective to the disappeared, of whom is Belgian, does that mean that he has not faded away, close to the lighthouse, where the majority of the carried out search activities is made.

He Hayez, disappeared on the evening of the 31st of may, after a cafébezoekje in the eastern part of australia, Byron Bay. It was a week after reported missing by the staff of the jeugdhostel where he was staying. The search for the young Belgian was quick to focus on the area near the lighthouse, as the mobile phone by Hayez, the last time they were picked up by a nearby cell tower. But, in spite of the massive efforts of the police and the residents resulted in that will search anything on it, and it was an official quest, in mid-september, then also be abandoned.

in the New footage from a security camera show that the family of Hayez is now, however, a new hope, the movie shows how a man walks away from the lighthouse, to the west in the direction of in the direction of the jeugdhostel.

the Podcast

This is the Michael Dorkhom, the son of Hayez, which is in the images received from a member of the staff of the gas station, where they were made. “No one who works there, send me a message,” said Dorkhom in ‘to The Lighthouse’, a podcast by an Australian newspaper on the issue. “He told me that he was in the images from the cameras had to be checked, and saw someone on the street walk by. It fits in with the timeline of events. Even the way he walks.”

It is not clear whether the man in the grainy images, is also effective in Hayez’s. His family’s hope was not specified, and they gave previously of “do not give up, we have a body here.”

Canceled tickets

The podcast also solved another mystery regarding the disappearance of Hayez on it. The young man had been working days in advance a ticket is purchased for a bus fare to go to Sydney, but it was six minutes after the departure of the bus on June 3, was cancelled. The family is hoping that this meant that Hayez, three days after his disappearance, was still alive, but after some research it appears that the driver that a ticket is canceled, when Hayez is not opdaagde for the bus.

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