“To see those 2 men leave our staff and deliver whatever they have discovered to Tampa, a group which didn’t make the playoffs last year and today is with an chance to win a world championship, it has been wonderful to see,” McCourty mentioned on ESPN’s Get On Friday. “And of course, a bit bittersweet as you’d rather those 2 guys suiting up beside you on Sundays.

“But it is still amazing to see those men going out there and doing this . Evidently, for Tom and his legacy and what he has done in this team, he does not need to perform any more. However, to continue to see him and his greatness, and continue to get better and better every year, it is just incredible.”

Brady won six Super Bowl championships in New England, while Gronkowski — that had been part of this group’s 2010 draft course with McCourty — would be a three-time Super Bowl champ.

The Patriots went 7-9 with no Brady at 2020, missing the playoffs for the first time because 2008, also McCourty was asked to what level Brady’s passing was a variable among coaches and players.

“I believe as a group, company, we proceeded on. However, you dropped Tom Brady. You do not just replace this. You do not just compensate for that. We certainly felt . We shed Tom, we do not possess an offseason to begin to attempt and procedure that, and prepare and prepare. The man’s been the best quarterback in the NFL for the previous two decades,” McCourty explained.

McCourty’s remarks echoed others by the Patriots within the last week, as veteran defensive tackle Lawrence Guy informed SiriusXM NFL Radio he is rooting for Brady.

“We’re blessed to have him for two years, and he is among the best human beings I have ever met.