The Federal Agency for work (BA) wants to send by the next year, more than 950 additional careers advisors in schools. You are to advise particularly in the upper stages of secondary schools, said the employment Agency-in-chief Detlef Scheele, the news Agency dpa. The objective is to advise in the direction of training and to expand the views of the spectrum of Vocational choices.

so Far, high school graduates opt for a course of study. According to a study by the German centre for higher education and scientific research (DZHW) from the past year, almost every third undergraduate Student but. The BA wants to lose at the interface of the school-to-work as few young people””. Also to study and training, drop – out, you wool take care of more.

The first professional advisors can go to the beginning of the school year 2019/2020. You would first have to undergo training, said Scheele. The new forces are also designed for better guidance of eighth-graders and their parents. Here, the focus is on the promotion of Mobility, in order to bring applicants and training places together better. “It is still unusual for young people for a training take off – and at home – that’s why we want to enlighten in this regard, parents and students early and better, and advise,” said Scheele.