The German car manufacturer want to apply for upgraded older Diesel appears to be no guarantee. “We can assume no guarantee for a vehicle, in the later exhaust gas cleaning systems of third parties have been installed,” said the President of the Association of the German automotive industry (VDA), Bernhard Mattes, the newspaper “the world”.

“When a customer lets his vehicle be rebuilt, then he and the other customers also bear the responsibility for possible consequential damage,” said Matt. He called for a “swift renewal of the population” as an Alternative to retrofits: “the quality of The air increases, the customer has Used a new car, or a boy.”

defence of the car manufacturers

In the conversation, Matt said that he could understand, if some people struggled because of the diesel scandal with the automotive industry: “The industry as a whole has lost credibility and trust.”

at the same time, he defended the efforts of the car builders. Two-thirds of the electric cars in Germany come from German group brands. In addition, the manufacturer would invest in the next three years, 40 billion euros in the electric mobility and the number of models from 30 to 100 increase.

“year of the trust-retrofitting”

despite this, the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) demanded on Thursday from the car manufacturers to use. “In 2019, must not only lead the discussion on the Hardware retrofits to the result, but it was also the year the trust has to be retrofit for the German manufacturers,” said Scheuer, the German press Agency. The car manufacturers should self-reflect critically, what they could do better. “And the German manufacturer have a hell of a make up for a lot.” You would have to win trust and Image among the customers.

The Greens, meanwhile, Scheuer, even for the Diesel-driving bans in German cities. Bundestag group Vice Oliver Krischer said the German press Agency, the actions of the Federal government for better air quality in cities would be of either little, or come too late. “It will continue to be imposed, driving bans, long will remain in place. For most drivers of older diesel vehicles there is no solution.“

Similarly, the Software would update the manufacturer little. “The Minister of transport Scheuer can still complain so much, in the end, he is for these bans to be responsible, because he has not invested in the Hardware upgrade with the manufacturers,” says Krischer.