Today in France, national edition of Le Parisien, published a study presenting the cheapest cars today. This study is based on the observation of the increase in car prices.Guillaume Longeon, automotive specialist at Deloitte, specifies that “the average price of a transaction was around 28,000/30,000 euros ago five years […] We have gone to 40,000 euros” today. But, why have cars increased so much?

Questioned by Today in France, the spokesperson for the automotive platform (PFA), François Roudier, explains that “the prices of new vehicles have inflated by around 20% in 2022, in particular because of the increase in the cost of raw materials”. This increase therefore leads to an increase in the prices of cars that were still affordable a few years ago.

Our fellow journalists have therefore drawn up a list of five cars that do not exceed the significant bar of 15,000 euros. This price would correspond to “a little less than an annual net minimum wage” as Mathieu Pelloli points out. These cars would therefore be accessible to the middle class.

Nevertheless, these cars obviously do not include all the options that the car models presented can offer. Mathieu Pelloli specifies that you will have, for this price range, “a car that drives, obviously meeting European safety standards, but with the cheapest finishes”. For some, only one color choice is available for this price.

A Hauts-de-Seine dealer even mentions that “these small city cars where manufacturers make little margin, are on the way out”.

Discover in our slideshow below this selection of five cars and their prices.