The company behind the Smartphone game “pokemon Go” has been evaluated in a new financing round with a total of four billion dollars. The company Niantic announced on Wednesday that the company had received $ 245 million for further growth. The financing round led by investor IVP. Thus, the valuation of the company, the 2015 Google-cleaved, high-screwed to four billion dollars.

Under the money, the electronics giant Samsung is said to donors, such as Niantic CEO John Hanke in an Interview with the American television channel CNBC. With Samsung they wanted to work on it, to transfer Niantic games on new devices and 5G adapt to the new, fast Standard for the mobile Internet. Sandy Miller, a partner of the main investor, IVP said it was a rare opportunity to invest in a company, the profit be in such a Phase that is already highly profitable.


In “pokemon Go” continue to pay a player Pokémon in Japan fictional fantasy animals, the farms already in the nineties as trading cards to school can making the rounds – on the Smartphone screen virtual catch. The figures appear on the Augmented Reality technology (AR), as they would exist in the real world.