With the help of your predecessor raised the question, what makes exactly, the “Mainz-feeling”, it will now deal with the new economy head of the Department of Manuela Matz (CDU). Finally, it is ordered as the main official beige since the 10. December in the six-person city Board of Directors for the representation of the municipality responsible. The 54-year-old lawyer to take care of as a property head of the Department of the future, other companies, and the city in the best possible way to sell. What is not always easy, when one sees, for example, that of the Mainz city works on the Schillerplatz opened a citizen information center for the planned city rail, plain and simple, and a bit provincial “Babbel” means; meanwhile, a very similar point of contact with the neighboring Wiesbaden according to a “dialog box” was baptized.

Markus Schug

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Mainz.

F. A. Z.

With the question of what is actually the “Mainzer brand’s core”, you’ll have to deal with for sure a lot to be said in Bietigheim near Karlsruhe-born entrepreneur a few days ago in an interview with this newspaper. In October, she sold her together with husband Dirk Loomans in Mainz, founded in and formerly self-run consulting company for information security and privacy at the much larger KPMG. The only reason it was at all possible to change virtually from one day to the other to the town hall. The city is perceived as an attractive University and College location is quite good, Matz. Thanks to some outstanding businesses, like the one on individualized immune therapies specialized Biontech AG and the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, Mainz offer in connection with the University medical center also just on the “new market health”.

More than Carnival and football

in Principle, it holds Matz is positive that the city of many facets, comprising: from almost night and football on Gutenberg to the wine. Where you should together with the Region of Rhine-Hesse, for ten years, to the illustrious circle of the “Great Wine Capitals”, an exclusive network of the world’s ten prestigious wine-growing areas.

That there are too many festivals in the City, may or may not confirm the mother of two adult children a lump sum. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that individual streets or quarters would not be impacted beyond measure. More extensive safety requirements in the view of the not the least for the order of beings, to the competent head of a major reason for this is that the “gold hold to will eight” from year to year more expensive. On the financing of the more than 500. 000 euros devour will be the talk of the night road almost to the campaign, 2019 for sure. However, the municipality will be solely in the past a lot of tasks around the carnival: from waste disposal to the necessary barriers. Benefits calculated according to Matz together on a amount of soon to be 250,000 euros add up. For the future, they hope to see greater integration of the specially created Mainz carnival Association. Also conceivable is the recently in this newspaper requested the introduction of a “fool-solos” in the amount of about a Euro, which would be to knock on each during the campaign, sold session, or a Ball ticket on it was not; although she liked it a little preloaded name of the “solos” are really good.

“Almost scientific”

As a Newly-Mainz-born, you have approached this Form of the maintenance of traditions prior to now 18 years, together with her husband, a physicist, “almost-scientific” and at that time, the meetings of 20 different Clubs looked at. Long the attorney-at-law, has to provide home in the pike’s home, by the way, two dogs, four chickens and several fish, not only in the case of the knapsack guard, the Dragoons part of the city and of the Fidelia responsible for designing active, but is also a member of the Great councils of the carnival-club Kastel and Mainz carnival Clubs.

is Somehow received by a fool it is also the case of the self-surprising change to the town hall. Because, actually, the CDU had a candidate who, up until then, especially to SMEs topics and your district in the election on 21. November is hardly a Chance on the new vacant space in the city Executive Board. Finally, the partners in the light Alliance, had already agreed to the fact that incumbent Christopher Vice of the FDP, a further eight years should result in the Department III. Because of that, however, made two days before the scheduled re-election and without any warning back, to be able to in the future in Frankfurt for a financial service provider, was the three coalition overnight, the candidate lost and the way for Matz, contrary to expectations.