New book by J K Rowling Of truth and abuse of power
New book by J K Rowling Of truth and abuse of power

New book by J. K. Rowling – From the truth and makes miss brauchdie inventor of Harry Potter released a new book of fairy tales for children in Isolation – online and free.Alexander Menden0 comment Joanne K. Rowling published a story, which I have for many years located in the attic.Photo: Remy de la Mauviniere/AP

J. K. Rowling has a Talent for it has references to famous examples from the history of English literature to, without copying them unimaginatively. The multiform Monster Ickabog, for example, is reminiscent of Grendel from “Beowulf”, the Jabberwocky from “Alice behind the Mirrors” and the Gruffalo. It is like a snake can be “good”, “dragon stick” or “wölfisch”. Some say that there is screaming, others that it is the hissing, or that it “floated as silently as the fog, the rose without warning to the swamp down”.

How Rowling describes the titular monster in a story, the you to 10. July will be a day to publish each Chapter online for free. “The Ickabog” to help children and families, the sitting during of the Coronavirus pandemic, at home, during the lock downs-continues in the UK, even – to pass the time.

The author wrote the story according to their own figures more than ten years ago as a bedtime story for their children. It is her first children’s story that plays in the Harry Potter universe. In the first two chapters also “king Fred, the fear will be introduced in addition to the legend of the Ickabog loose”, the ruler of the Cornucopia and the five-year-old Bert Beamish.

Rowling, the Story, the “I have for many years located in the attic,” described as a “political fairy tale” for children between seven and nine in which it was a matter of “truth and abuse of power”. Rowling’s children, now Teenagers, had been “touchingly thrilled” by the idea of reactivating the history and publish it for free. The book should appear at the end of this year, in printed Form, the proceeds of which will go to projects for the benefit particularly of the pandemic is Concerned. Parallel to the online publication of children in the frame of an illustration competition pictures to chapters to this one; the drawings of the winners will be printed in the finished book.

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