Due to unauthorized telephone advertising, the Federal network Agency has imposed the highest possible fine of € 300,000 against a retailer of electricity and gas contracts. The authority accuses the energy parks GmbH “aggressive interviewing and telephone terror”, as it is called in a message from Monday.

The caller to be “extremely stubborn, aggressive, offensive, and partly threatening,” occurred. The management of the company, the violations had been known, they have done nothing to turn them off. Of energy Park was initially no opinion.

“It is the greatest procedure for unlawful telephone advertising, has led to the Federal network Agency so far,” said network Agency President Jochen Homann, according to the memo. More than 6000 consumers have complained about the calls of the mediators that occur under the brand name “German energy sales”. The persons Affected are often been several times contacted, although they have other calls already in the first conversation. Calls without the consent of the persons Concerned to be unlawful.

even Though the Federal network Agency had consulted the company on several occasions, the calls continued. Energy parks have been working together with distribution partners in Turkey, as a subcontractor calls in Germany, made or address had procured the data.

Among the partners was a company that had already been appropriately sentenced for unlawful telephone advertising. “Who commissioned sub-contractors, must ensure that they comply with the legal requirements. This is when the Suitability of the company is in doubt“, stressed Homann. The fine is not yet final. About a possible appeal to the district court of Bonn decides.