Netflix Unveils Breathtaking Images from ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos’ Movie Event

Sailor Moon fans, get ready to be amazed! Netflix has recently released stunning new images from the highly anticipated two-part anime movie, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos. Directed by Tomoya Takahashi and written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, this movie event promises to be a thrilling and emotional finale to the Sailor Moon Crystal series.

The new images showcase a grand adventure with all the guardians coming together to save Japan and the world one last time. Fans can look forward to new transformations, a trio of formidable villains, and the Sailor Soldiers facing their biggest challenge yet. The trailers have hinted at a no-holds-barred battle where all the Sailor Warriors will unleash their full power to protect each other.

Divided into two parts, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos serves as the final arc for the Sailor Moon Crystal franchise. This decision was made to ensure that the extensive story arc is covered adequately, giving fans a satisfying conclusion to the beloved series. With Naoko Takeuchi supervising the production, fans can expect a faithful adaptation of the original manga and anime series that captivated audiences worldwide.

The first part of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos premieres on Netflix on August 22, building up to an epic conclusion that will leave fans on the edge of their seats. In the meantime, you can catch up on Sailor Moon Crystal on Netflix to prepare for this cinematic event. Don’t miss out on the magic and excitement that awaits in the world of Sailor Moon!