In addition to the European elections, local elections were also held in eight federal states. The counting of votes can take several days. The first results were received for district council and mayoral elections.

All results of the European elections at a glance

According to a SWR forecast, the Greens will have to expect losses in the three largest cities in the state in the local council elections in Baden-Württemberg. However, the losses in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Mannheim will not be as strong as in the European elections. According to the forecast, the CDU could become the strongest force in Stuttgart and Mannheim, and in Karlsruhe the Greens are likely to hold on to this position despite losses.

Right-wing extremist Tommy Frenck is facing defeat in the runoff election for the district office in the southern Thuringian district of Hildburghausen. After counting 120 of the 127 voting districts, Frenck is at 31.0 percent, while the Free Voters candidate Sven Gregor is at 69.0 percent. Frenck became known nationwide because he organized a series of large neo-Nazi concerts, to which right-wing extremists from other European countries also traveled. According to the 2022 Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution report, his voting group “Alliance for the Future of Hildburghausen” developed into the leading neo-Nazi group in the district.

In Altenburg, incumbent Uwe Melzer (CDU) defended the district administration against AfD candidate Heiko Philipp. Melzer received 55.0 percent of the votes in the runoff election, according to data from the state election officer after all voting districts had been counted. Philipp received 45.0 percent.

The AfD is poised to win the local elections in Brandenburg for the first time. After around a third of the votes have been counted, the AfD has 31.3 percent nationwide. This would have almost doubled its result from five years ago.

The CDU is behind with 18.4 percent, having won in 2019. According to the interim results, the SPD achieved 14.2 percent in the elections to 14 district councils and the city councils of the four independent cities – that would be less than five years ago.

According to the state election officer, BVB/Free Voters and other voter associations received 7.6 percent. The Left Party received 6.6 percent, the Greens 4.1 percent. The FDP received 2.6 percent. The Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (BSW) is not running under this name in Brandenburg, but locally with other alliances.

This article will be continuously updated with further results.