crazy pretty. On the one hand, leaves propagate Gossip, that almost all women have Cellulite: “Cellulite-Alarm with Kim & co.” Or: “Cellulite pictures: Stars have orange skin”. The 26-year-old Selena Gomez? Yes! Jennifer Lopez, the once-rumored left her Butt for $ 27 million to insure it? But Yes! And not even athletes like Venus Williams are immune.

Actually, would have to be the conclusion: Well, well, so be it, women have Cellulite. But, on the contrary: The business of Anti-Cellulite treatments to be running, many of those Affected, depending on the study, between 80 and 90 percent of women are willing to do anything to get rid of them.

Earlier, Cellulite was not a Problem. The typical skin image of a post-pubertal woman and a roundish body were in the painting of the Baroque, even as the ideal of beauty. The painting “The Three graces” by Peter Paul Rubens between 1630 and 1635, forming dents on the upper buttocks and arms of the naked women legs.

“The idea that Cellulite is a blemish, fix it, stems from the irrational idea that women should be flawless,” says the düsseldorf-based dermatologist Manuel Cornely. “But of course, no human being is flawless.” Cellulite will mostly treated superficially, in the therapy, such as in the debate. This superficial treatment, as the skin itself, however, a multi-layered affair. Under the visible surface, other layers, it is to dissect.

The first of these layers is the medical. Cellulite is not a disease, is actually still a Problem, says the doctors Cornely. “Cellulite is the anatomical normal variation of the subcutaneous adipose tissue in women on the legs and arms,” he says. “The connective tissue structure is formed already in the Embryo, and thus relates to every woman. The only question is when the expression starts. Sometimes you can already be evident in children.“ In addition, Cellulite not only affects overweight women, but then faster visible.

creams, sponges and brushes

The story of the medicine, the philosopher Michel Foucault, wrote, and leaves in your process of the human body as a decoding object. “Otherness” had been deemed pathological in medicine often. Hysteria was an umbrella term for a number of neurotic woman that could not be explained or wanted. The term derives from the Greek word for uterus – in ancient times, a uterus, don’t come often enough with sperm in contact, around, tails in the body and set eventually in the brain. Hysterical seizures are the consequence. As a treatment, a device made of metal and leather, the pressure on the eggs had hives was prescribed until the last century, the “ovaries of the press”, or physician-performed massages were instructed that should lead to orgasm.

Not a story to miss F. A. were diagnoses, for example, the style at the Facebook and Instagram

Similarly, medically unfounded the first Cellulite. For the first time, the Cellulite was mentioned in a French lexicon, the twelfth edition of the “Dictionnaire de médecine,” in the year 1873. You referred to, however, then an abscess-like inflammation of the fat tissue. This opinion held for a long time: Doctors misdiagnosed the Cellulite as inflammation or deposition of waste products, which can be attributed to “prolonged Sitting, tiring activities, life in the city, Ehetraumata and – in the case of young women, disorders of the rhythm of the utero – ovarischen circulation, and hormonal secretions,” as it describes Rossella Ghigi, University of Bologna, in 2004, in an article for the journal “Travail, Genre et Sociétés”.