“Need to dominate the streets” – Trump wants after Floyd’s death, police authorities stärkenNach the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation has pronounced US President Donald Trump for a strengthening of the police authorities in the United States. On Tuesday, 9. June, was buried the African-American George Floyd. His death triggered a global wave of protests against discrimination and police violence.

U.S. President Donald Trump made during a visit to Dallas (Texas) on Thursday clearly that it is not going to give his government a combination of funding of police stress. “We need to dominate the streets,” he said and added that this should be done with “compassion”.

the protests as a result of Floyd’s death, demands for a “Defunding” (financing escape), the police have increased. The idea is to reduce the Budgets for police authorities and funds to social projects to divert is. With a view to these claims, Trump said: “you speak of actually do not have police powers. Now, this will not happen with us. We will have stronger police forces.” Trumps government denies that there is systematic racism in the police. The Republicans Trump accuses the Democrats of wanting the police to get rid of. Actually, the Democrats in the US Congress, police reforms are calling for.

What Trumps government plans to

Trump said in Dallas that his government was working on plans that should ensure that police comply with authorities Standards for the use of force, including tactics to de-escalate had. The training and equipment the police needed to be improved. Minorities must also receive better access to economic development and health care. The White house announced on Wednesday plans Trumps for police reform, to be submitted in the coming days.

Trumps Regret

Trump described the actions of the police against Floyd in a Fox News Interview as a “disgrace”. He spoke of “more than eight minutes of horror”. A white officer had the 46-year-old man at 25. May in Minneapolis (Minnesota), almost nine minutes of his knee in the neck of Floyd’s, to let him breathe down – in spite of Ask. Trump regretted that an incident like this abfärbe to other police officers. “The majority of cops are really good people,” said Trump. Previously, Trump had pointed out, there are always black sheep, and added: “We will make no progress, and no wounds to heal, if we denote tens of millions of decent Americans falsely as racists or fanatics.”

Trump has condemned Floyd’s death several times, and the right to peaceful demonstrations, and stresses. He is, however, not be accused to have a clear position against racism and did not show enough understanding for the anger about discrimination and injustice in the country. The ongoing protests because of Floyd’s death, he has commented on so far, especially from the point of view of safety.

support for reform

The Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, announced support for one of the deputies in his state of the suggested package of reforms to make it easier to pull police officers in critical incidents to the responsibility. “These reforms have been needed for a long time,” said the Democrat on Thursday. The people demanded a change. “The last three weeks, some of the most turbulent and most painful in Minnesota’s history.”

Biden expected unfair behavior

Meanwhile, the designated presidential candidate of the Democrats was Joe Biden, with statements to his expectations of the election in November caused a stir. “This President is trying to steal the election,” said the Ex-Vice-President on Wednesday evening in “the Daily Show” on the channel Comedy Central, with views of Trump. On the question of whether he had considered that this could refuse to leave the White house in the case of a defeat, replied Biden: “Yes, I have.” He added that he was “absolutely convinced” that the military Trump would then escort. The spokesperson of the White house, Kayleigh McEnany, called Biden’s Comments a “conspiracy theory”. The Republicans Trump applies to the election in November for a second term.