In the case of a bomb attack in the vicinity of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, three Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian guide have been killed. By the Explosion, and eleven other Vietnamese in a tourist bus, as well as the Egyptian bus driver were injured on Friday, informed the Egyptian government. It was the first attack on tourists in Egypt since July of 2017 and the means for the tourism industry of the country, a new setback.

The Egyptian head of government, Mustafa Madbuli came after a visit to the injured at Al-Haram hospital with the Ministers for health and tourism in front of the press. He said that after the three Vietnamese tourists, the Egyptian guide of his injuries died. The Prime Minister called the attack a “regrettable incident”.

Raised on the possible adverse effects of the attack on Egypt, especially the important tourism industry Madbuli said there was “not a single country in which there are no attacks”. Such acts of violence could repeat itself in the future. “No country in the world can guarantee a hundred percent security,” said the head of government.

As the Ministry of the interior announced that it had hit an IED on the roadside in the tourist bus in the late afternoon, as he had been with a total of 14 Vietnamese tourists on the go. The self-made explosive device had been placed in the vicinity of a wall in the district of Haram. Security forces cordoned off the site of the attack. A white Bus with the shattered window glass was removed, a ring of debris around.

in the vicinity of Cairo, the nearby Giza pyramids belong to Egypt’s main tourist attractions. In the past, in Egypt, repeated deadly attacks on tourists had been committed. The last was killed in July 2017 in the seaside resort of Hurghada is a man with a knife, two German women and a further four people injured. According to information from security circles, it was the offender is one of Islamists.

Because of the repeated attacks, the security has been increased at all tourist places in Egypt. The arrangements around the pyramids to Giza, however, were repeatedly criticized as insufficient.

Recently had recovered the tourism in Egypt easily. 2017 8.2 million visitors came after official data in the country. Thus, Egypt is still far from the almost 15 million tourists in 2010.

the travel and safety information of the Federal foreign office in Berlin was informed on Friday on the attack on the tourist bus. It was “far-continues to be an increased risk of terrorist attacks,” it said. This could also be “against foreign targets, and citizens”. The Foreign office advised “caution” in traveling to Egypt.