(Los Angeles) Golden State, defending champion, survived Game 7 of all dangers in Sacramento by winning (120-100), thanks to Stephen Curry, exceptional with 50 points, Sunday in the NBA playoffs, and earned the right to challenge the Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals.

After the loss of the previous home game by completely foiling, the Warriors showed the conquering face that we have known them since they began their dynasty in 2015 with four coronations in the key.

And in this decisive match at the Kings who perhaps thought they had struck a blow by equalizing against all odds, the experience of the spring games prevailed to manage the weight of the pressure, Golden State relying on its leader Curry , in four-star mode, as evidenced by its regalade.

His 50 pawns (20/38 including 7/18 behind the arc) are a record for a N.7 game and he himself had never scored so many in the playoffs.

Enough to forget the bad address of Klay Thompson (16 pts at 4/19) and the still transparent performance of Jordan Poole (8 pts), supposed to be his relays in attack. But Kevon Looney, rebound glutton (21 including 10 offensive, 11 pts), and Andrew Wiggins (17 pts) have been loyal lieutenants on both sides of the field.

On the Sacramento side, nothing really worked out as the Warriors’ defense rose to the occasion, limiting DeAaron Fox to 16 points and Domantas Sabonis to 22.