(Washington) US President Joe Biden will decorate a series of artists and personalities on Tuesday, including singer Bruce Springsteen and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the unforgettable vice president of the fierce series Veep, the House said. -White.

The “Boss” and the actress are among the many recipients of the “National Medal of Arts”, alongside fashion designer Vera Wang, soul legend Gladys Knight, or Puerto Rican singer José Feliciano, among others. .

“Bruce Springsteen’s music celebrates our triumphs, heals our wounds, gives us hope. She captures this indomitable spirit that defines America, ”explains, lyrically, the White House about the singer of Born in the USA.

The arrival of Julia Louis-Dreyfus will have a particular flavor. The actress, among other successes, particularly marked the spirits with her interpretation of Selina Meyer in Veep, an exploration as crazy as it is acid behind the scenes of the American executive.

In its statement, the White House salutes an artist who has “paved the way for women” in the world of comedy.

The US President will decorate another group of personalities with the “Medal of the Humanities”, which recognizes individuals who have “encouraged citizens to become involved in history, literature, the study of languages, philosophy. »

Among the latter, the author Ann Patchett, the academic and Native American activist Henrietta Mann, the biographer and media man Walter Isaacson, or the novelist Colson Whitehead.