National Council Approved the law on use of Swiss Corona-Warning App puts näherNach the Council of States, the national Council of the legal basis for the Warning, the App has agreed to.oli/sda0 KommentareDie tracing of Corona cases, via an App, according to politicians is also important because it will be so fast that no vaccine is. People in a shopping center to operate their Smartphones.Photo: Goran Basic/Keystone

The regular use of the Swiss Corona-Warning-App is getting closer. According to the Council of States has approved on Monday the national Council of the legal basis of the course. According to the final votes by the end of next week, the technical aid is to be used.

Not surprisingly, there were in the Parliament is hardly a fundamental criticism of the template, and finally the councils at the extraordinary Session had requested in early may, itself, a legal basis prior to the General launch of the App.

The tracing of Corona cases is important because it will be so fast no vaccine against the Virus, said the national Council Benjamin Roduit (CVP/VS), on behalf of the preparatory Committee. By the Federal government and the two Federal institutes of technology developed Swiss-Covid-App can help the infection chains back track and to warn the people, if they had prolonged contact or Infected.

comparison with Orwell’s “1984”

The Swiss approach to location privacy at the centre, said Commission spokesman Jörg Mäder (GLP/ZH). Even technology giants such as Google and Apple have praised the Swiss project. Monitoring is not active. “All the data will remain on the personal device.” Neither the state nor companies would have access to it.

Just SVP representatives expressed great scepticism towards the so-called Proximity-Tracing system. “We will install a state-operated information system”, said Thomas de Courten (SVP/BL). Movements, places of residence and duration of stay would be recorded. “That sounds to me a lot of George Orwell’s “1984′”.

party colleague Andreas Glarner (AG) of the language as the speakers of other groups from a simple, easy and good solution. Several speakers stressed the voluntary nature of the decentralized storage, the deletion of the data, as well as the limit of the law. These cornerstones are important.

“Digital model project”

The App is designed to complement the classical Contact Tracing of the cantons. It was not a wonder weapon, but a useful tool, said Flavia water fall (SP/BE). The relaxations were accompanied by measures such as the use of the App, noted Lorenz Hess (BDP/BE). “The Benefit outweighs the risk by far.”

According to Andri silver Schmidt (FDP/ZH) is the App in the “almost a digital model project”. The App have the potential to set the global Standard, said Judith Bellaïche (GLP/ZH). “The Swiss scientists have done a remarkable job.”

Manuela Weichelt-Picard (Green/ZG) called on the Federal government, the further confusion of the population to address it. Thus, the government should consider a loss of earnings compensation for people who move due to a notification through the App voluntarily in quarantine. “If only a few people use the App, it is of no use.”

Currently, 60’000 Downloads

health Minister Alain Berset said in the national Council, that any Person should have to put up with an App to alert your physician or doctor. This, then decide whether or not a Test would be useful. A Corona Test is positive, must isolate the Person. You would receive a loss of earnings compensation. Also people who would be sent by the authorities in quarantine, would be entitled to it.

Overall, the initial feedback from users of the App showed a predominantly positive image, said Berset. Currently, 60’000 people were using the Swiss-Covid-App.

Free Test warning

Thus, the Proximity-Tracing-App can be launched by the end of June, broad, has to overcome the urgent Amendment of the epidemics act the final vote. The Council of States had the template last week in the overall vote, with only one dissenting voice, agreed that the national Council was called the business on Monday with a 156 to 22 votes in favour and 13 abstentions well.

The Parliament adopted only a few Amendments to the draft of the Federal Council. People should be able to, for example, can try it for free if you receive a notification of the Swiss-Covid-App, because you have stayed too long near an infected Person.

in Addition, the Federal Council will not be able to set the App only when it is no longer necessary, but also, if the tool proves to be insufficiently effective. These Decisions were without discussion.

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