For the past few years, Nathalie Baye has shared some intimate and vintage photos with her fans on her Instagram account. This September 4, 2022, Johnny Hallyday’s ex-girlfriend shared a photo of her as a child. “When I look at this photo from my childhood, a slew of memories come back to me, the D H points on the carambas, the Mikey club in Loctudy, the tree houses, the shell necklaces, the sweetness of life”, he said. – she writes in the caption of her publication.

Her fans couldn’t help but see a striking resemblance to her daughter Laura Smet. “Even if she looks a lot like her dad, we find a little bit of Laura”, “We find Laura in this photo. Childhood memories are the most beautiful. The time of carelessness … Absolute happiness” or even “Looks like Laura as a little girl,” some of her fans commented.

Last July, the French actress was unanimous again by unveiling on the web a sublime family photo with Johnny Hallyday and their daughter Laura Smet. A shot that had delighted Internet users. “We were so young…!”, commented the actress and her fans to add: “You breathed happiness or embodied happiness, in any case, there is the word happiness on this photo”. Planet invites you to discover all its pretty vintage photos in our slideshow.