North Korea dictator vanished – mystery over whereabouts of Kim Jong-us – private train gesichtetDie messages to Kim Jong-UN’s poor health are piling up. Now his private train was discovered on the East coast of the country.5 Kommentare5Satellitenaufnahmen of 23. April 2020 show the approximately 250-metre-long train, in the Kim Jong Un traveled to be.Photo: Keystone

After two weeks of absence is always a mystery about the whereabouts of North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-un. In the midst of conflicting reports about the state of health of the ruler Kim was spotted suspected private train of U.S. experts on the East coast of the country. The North Korea specialist news site “38 North” published on Saturday (local time) satellite images to come from last week. Really insightful, not took these shots.

The reports of a supposedly serious illness of Kim’s, who is only mid-30’s, ensure international for days for attention. From its internationally quite isolated country, there is only Silence. This will not only fire the speculation about Kim’s well-being. In the meantime, will also be discussed and the question of who could follow the most recent rulers of the dictator’s family. South Korea’s government, however, holds more: a serious illness of Kim’s, nothing was known.

Conflicting reports

attributed To the satellite images, the US experts themselves, the 250-Meter-long train in the coastal town of Wonsan from saying anything about it, where Kim is and how it relates to his health is ordered. However, the shots given Reports weight that Kim “was in an area for the Elite on the East coast of the country.” The train might be already in front of the 21. April at a station to be arrived, which is reserved for the Stalinist leadership. 23. April, he was still there, so “38 North”.

A satellite image of the plant in Wohan.Photo: Keystone

the office of The President in South Korea last Report of the US news channel CNN, according to Kim after an Operation “in serious danger” is. The South Korean news portal “the Daily NK,” had previously reported on already relying on an informant in the neighboring country, Kim is on the 12. April heart surgery. After surgery he is recovering again. Kim is overweight and is considered to be a heavy smoker.

On Sunday, the channel Fox News quoted the foreign policy presidential adviser Moon Chung-In of South Korea saying that Kim was “alive and well”. Kim was since the 13th century. April in Wonsan. Reliable information on the situation in North Korea is largely isolated from the outside world, do not exist. The leadership in Pyongyang are the information about Kim and his family usually controlled very strictly.

After all, it was on Sunday in North Korea’s state media, in a statement. According to the South Korean news Agency Yonhap, the state television of the neighboring country, reported that Kim had expressed his appreciation for the workers, the houses would be built in the Northern border town of Samjiyon. To the place of residence or public appearances, Kim’s North Korea keep themselves more covered, wrote to Yonhap.

No announcements to follow

a official successor regime in Pyongyang is not known. At the heart of speculation that Kim’s younger sister Kim Yo Jong in South Korea. Kim’s own children – he should have three – are too young to be eligible for a transfer of power in question.

The sister, who is in her early 30’s, not only as an influential adviser to the ruler rich. With it would also ensure that the Power is in the Hand of the Kim dynasty, the reigns for more than 70 years across the country. With the consolidation of Power by Kim Jong-un is also the sister of rose in the hierarchy. In the meantime, it is an “alternative member” of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party. The Politburo is the highest Executive body within the Central Committee.

is not Excluded, however, that the Power is first exercised a circle of influential officials and the military. If Kim Jong-death-un, before his children were grown, “is the highest appointed-likely to be a collective leadership to govern the country before a dynastic successor is willing to accept,” wrote recently, the North Korea expert Leonid Petrov of the Australian National University on Twitter.


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