Parenting YouTuber Myka Stauffer Under Fire After Rehoming Adopted Son

In a shocking turn of events, parenting YouTuber Myka Stauffer and her husband James faced extreme backlash after giving up their four-year-old adopted son Huxley in 2020. The couple, based in Ohio, received criticism after revealing they had decided to ‘rehome’ Huxley, who was diagnosed with autism, citing that there were undisclosed special needs that they were not prepared for.

The decision to rehome Huxley led to the Stauffers swiftly leaving YouTube, where Myka had amassed a following of 717,000 subscribers over the years. The couple’s channel, ‘The Stauffer Life,’ was deleted, and all of their content was removed. While Myka’s Instagram account remains, her husband James’ YouTube channel now focuses solely on car-related content.

Despite their online popularity, the Stauffers’ decision sparked outrage, with many accusing the couple of adopting Huxley as a publicity stunt. Myka had previously shared their journey of adopting Huxley, including his special needs, on social media and YouTube, which garnered millions of views.

After months of speculation about Huxley’s whereabouts, the Stauffers finally shared an update, revealing that their adopted son had found a new ‘forever family’ better equipped to meet his needs. The couple received further criticism for their handling of the situation, with many questioning their motives for adopting Huxley in the first place.

The scandal is now being revisited in a new docuseries called An Update On Our Family, which delves into the family vlogging industry and the events leading up to Huxley’s rehoming. The series premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2024, shedding light on the hidden aspects of family vlogging and the impact it can have on children involved.