Cleaning, sweeping, polishing… We know the song by heart! When it comes to storing, throwing away, giving away or selling your belongings, the task is more complicated than expected. Are you disorganized by nature and need to get your home in order? Sixtine Thomas-Richard has the solution for you.

Trained as a graphic designer, this mother gives her practical advice on a daily basis on social networks. Through her account “My little organization” on Instagram, she reveals tips to 109,000 subscribers to learn how to organize themselves well at home. From administrative tasks to shopping, not forgetting storage or making appointments… It is clear that by accumulating tasks, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around.

“I really needed to flatten my organization. I started reading personal development books, I thought it was great,” the entrepreneur told us during a workshop Planet attended earlier this year. . Perhaps the opportunity to make good resolutions for 2023? “So that’s how I created my little life organizer.”

In addition to this practical and ideal tool for managing one’s professional and personal life, Sixtine Thomas-Richard has published Ma petite organization, her book published on January 4 by Éditions HarperCollins. An essential and fun guide to make the daily life of parents easier. “There are everyday things that come up all the time, that we don’t necessarily want to do,” the author tells us. “Thanks to my practical mind, I found little tricks to quickly get rid of it and spend more time on the things I love”.

Like Sixtine, learn to put your household chores in order and sort through your belongings. For the occasion, Planet has selected five practical tips dictated by our “wonder mom” and content creator to improve your daily life. Here they are in pictures.

My little organization, Sixtine Thomas-Richard, HarperCollins Editions (€19)

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