Muzeum Susch: art in the village


Sometimes far away from the metropolises, exhibition houses, their makers have the courage to show art that you would expect in such a place. Susch, for example, a number of mountain chains from the next art show square, the place in Switzerland is also one of the trusted names in the Engadin St. Moritz or Scuol. Susch is the “pass village” in the lower Engadine valley, at the foot of the fl├╝ela pass. A narrow valley, a road, a few grey houses: Susch to transit. But in two whitewashed, typical Engadine buildings next to the Church on the other side of the river is now an art Museum, which is expected to make the 200-souls-the-spot well-known.

On 1500 square meters of contemporary art, centuries-old walls, which were restored by the architect Chasper Schmid and Lukas Voellmy-consuming. They belong to a monastery of the twelfth century, and a neighboring 19th-century brewery. Century. Anyone who passes through the Tunnel into the Museum that connects the two heritage-listed building, stands in front of a battered flight of stairs (“Stairs”) of the artist Monika Sosnowska. The work winds up crooked and bent skyward by more than ten-Meter-high former cooling tower of the brewery. Next door is a man of high, a rotatable cylinder of Miroslaw Balka (“Narcissus Susch reflects”) the walls of a crude, hewn out of the Rock cave. Of the walls, splashes of spring water. The Work includes, in addition to works by Piotr Uklanski, Zofia Kulik, Heidi books, and Paulina Olowska to a series of permanent installations in the Museum Susch, which often take the place of reference. It’s a question of: Who is coming to this wild valley between the three peaks, to such art?

Actually is prepared in the Engadin valley, the soil of contemporary art for a long time. A well-established network of internationally renowned galleries in Zuoz, S-chanf and St. Moritz, Events such as the St. Moritz Art Masters and the Engadin Art Talks: or, the art hotel Castell in Zuoz the projects of the Polish Grazyna Kulczyk do not seem quite as daring. “With the Muzeum Susch can transform the seasonal uctuations in the Engadine, in a year-round destination for art lovers,” says Kulczyk. The collector comes from Poznan, and has there been a brewery, served in a shopping and art centre. In Susch your like could succeed. “The people here are thrilled,” she says. “And you are curious about what is to come.”

the image of the woman

This is first of all, the opening of the exhibition, from 2. January: “A Woman looking at Men looking at Women,” curated by Kasia Redzisz, Senior curator at the Tate Liverpool. 30 artists have to deal with Kulczyks heart theme: the image of the woman in the game of the sexes.