When Martin Lücker leaves on Christmas eve, the Church, it is quiet on the streets. It is just after eleven in the evening, most people are still sitting in good company at the table with family and friends. Lücker a little walk through the city and enjoying the silence in the otherwise so crowded pedestrian area.

It is one of the few stress free moments he experienced during the Christmas holidays. Because Lücker, 65 years old, is a guard Organist of St. Catherine’s Church on main. Ten concerts he plays between Christmas eve and new year’s. Since then, he is 13 years old, he has done these days more or less in the Church. “Behind the counter, sit,” he calls it. It doesn’t bother you, to have to during the holidays work. “So be it.” In the family of the Organist, met with his work on understanding. When the children still lived at home, was drawn to the mess a day-to-front, because it was clear that the father Christmas works. Even today, Lücker makes the with Christmas appointments.

full calendar

The pieces that he plays at the holidays, he knows well. They belong to since many years for Repertoire. “O du fröhliche” or “I stand on your manger here”. This does not mean, however, that the music for Lücker is a self-runner. “Even in the familiar pieces, the playing in three Church services of the day, you have to be focused,” he says. He enjoys Playing on Christmas a little more than usual. “It is fulfilling, the people rejoice.” And That he knows a lot of pieces for the December long, gives him room for other projects in the pipeline until next year.

What is true for the organist Lücker, Sebastian Franz is quite different. Franz is a singer in the choir of the Frankfurt Opera. Between the middle and the end of December 13 concerts to be with him. Alongside rehearsals for premieres in January and February. In his head, he must keep everything at the same time. This makes for a busy schedule: five and a half days of his week. Samples in the afternoon, concerts in the evenings. In between, there’s only one to stay in balance: do sports, eat healthy and get enough sleep.

“time for the money

Franz deserve,” since August at the Opera house, for the first time only for a season. Already during his studies, he accepted engagement in the whole of Germany. Especially in the Christmas season, the Solis flourishes tables business, he says. “As a freelancer, best way to make the time for the money.” If it had been his own Manager, you have to think ahead and also for the other months, in which not so many concerts scheduled. As a soloist and in the choir Franz had a commitment at this time every weekend. With such a workload, time to stay “hardly breathe”. Another profession can’t imagine the 30-year-old singer nonetheless. Especially now, at the Frankfurt Opera: “I am with great soloists on stage, and experience real musical highlights. This is a privilege.“

The music has always been part of his life: his father was a musician. Christmas was held at the Franz family-only Christmas eve. Because only then it was really time for a joint celebration. Even today, a large relatives to meet on the first and second day for Franz.