Murder trial in Russia – Why the Napoleon expert of the murder has begun his girlfriend zerstückelteIn Russia process against a well-known historian. Oleg Sokolov has confessed to have killed his girlfriend.Silke Bigalke from Moscow is 0 Comment for murder and illegal possession of weapons Oleg Sokolov accused: as Napoleon Bonaparte in the year 2006. Photo: Dmitry Lovetsky (AP)

Oleg Sokolov, the battles earlier in Russia, and field camp for stalking, as Napoleon Bonaparte in disguise, met on Tuesday with a mask and plastic gloves in the glass case for the Accused. Apart from him, only lawyers and security guards in the hall waiting for the judge, in Saint Petersburg the Coronavirus continues to limit the public life.

Sokolow, 63 years old, sitting since November in pre-trial detention. The well-known historian, formerly a lecturer at the University of Saint Petersburg, a much sought after Napoleon expert, is charged with murder and illegal possession of weapons. From the dock he steps closer to the glass, get a comb out of his pocket and arranged his hair before the show starts. Cameras transmit everything live to the Internet.

In the river

Sokolov stood, to have his mistress killed. Anastasia Jeschtschenko was 39 years younger than he, had attended his Lectures, later assisted, was at some point moved in with him. Last November, he shot them in his apartment at night after a quarrel. Four times he pulled the trigger, reloaded the old, sawed-off hunting rifle, again and again. One day he hid the body. Then he dismembered them and threw them in plastic bags near the apartment in the river.

security cameras have filmed him in the process. The severed hands of the victim, he threw in a backpack in the Moika embankment, probably would not have wanted to fall. Because a piece down the river, where there is a staircase down to the water, fell Sokolov himself into the river. As the rescue workers dug him, he had the backpack and the severed hands to himself.

Had attended the Lectures of the historian: The victims of Anastasia Jeschtschenko. Photo: PD

The first court session this Tuesday remained short. This time, a new defender Sokolov delayed the procedure: He must watch, evidence, images from surveillance cameras, recordings of telephone conversations, the victim’s Laptop. Especially the Laptop was important, said Sokolov behind the glass wall. The judge moved the session to next week.

The fact, has shaken not only in St. Petersburg. Oleg Sokolov was as a historian on Russia’s borders known, had been awarded for his academic performance with the order of the French Legion of honour. Anastasia Jeschtschenko accompanied him on costume balls and drove with him to France in the holidays.

With a hot iron

Shortly after his arrest, video recordings show him in front of the investigating judge, at the time, he was crying loudly. He thought, Jeschtschenko was the perfect woman, you’ve transformed “into a Monster”. That night she had been angry because he wanted to spend time with his daughters. Sokolov was married three times.

Also the brother of the dead told in several Interviews of a dispute, his Version differs from that of the Professor: His sister didn’t want to go to a birthday party, the jealous Sokolov won’t allow this, had become aggressive. Anastasia Jeschtschenko called the brother crying from the street. She wanted to take off, only her stuff from the apartment to get. The next day, he was not able to reach you.

A previous victim Sokolov, also a former student and lover, describes a similar pattern. She, too, had he called a “Monster”, as she wanted to leave him, she had tied up, beaten, and with a hot iron threatened. They showed it in 2008 at the police, but that led to nothing. Now she describes your case anonymously in a TV documentary, as he wanted to check, what clothes you wore, who you met.

At the University of Saint Petersburg, the current graduating class, published a letter to the University management, the students of sexism, harassment and abuse, denounce at the University. They also go to the case Sokolow: The relationships students had been in a long time. But nothing was done.

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