Murder of Lola: why are the “Zouhris children” mentioned?


A mobile always vague. More than a week after Lola’s murder, the prime suspect’s motives remain speculation. Dahbia B. was arrested on Saturday morning October 15 in the Paris region, after being identified thanks to video surveillance images captured in the hall of the victim’s building. It was Lola’s parents – guardians in this residence in the 19th arrondissement of Paris – who were the first to see this 24-year-old woman approach the teenager, who then seemed uncomfortable. Then, no more trace of Lola on these images. Dahbia B., for her part, leaves the building alone less than two hours after entering it.

In front of the investigators, the suspect first admitted the facts, detailing the abuse she allegedly inflicted on Lola, before retracting and evoking rather “a dream” that she would have had at that time. Indicted for rape and murder of a minor under the age of fifteen, did the young woman really say everything about the 91 minutes that elapsed between her entry and her exit from the building? Many mysteries remain. The first concerns the inscription found on the feet of the teenager, a 1 on the left and a 0 on the right. Numerologist Anne-Marie Pellegrin recently explained to Planet that 10 has a very special symbolism, being a number “stronger than 1, like a reinforced 1”. For her, “it is therefore associated with a dynamic, leader, very powerful side”.

Can the number 10 also be associated with satanic rites? This is what George Fenech, a former magistrate and former right-wing elected official, recently implied. Invited on the program Touche pas à mon poste on October 19, he said: “It reminds me of the case of the Zouhris children, generally blonds with blue eyes, who are considered to have powers in Algeria”. What does this designation mean? Why is it mentioned by this former magistrate in the Lola case?

During his appearance on the program Touche pas à mon poste, the former magistrate George Fenech gave some explanations on the Zouhris children. According to him, “they are kidnapped, sacrificed, their blood is drunk and there are satanic rites. On this poor little girl, there was the number 1 on the sole of her left foot, and the number 0 is exactly the satanic rite of the Zouhris in North Africa”.

With Planet, the medium Jean-Didier* confirms that “in Morocco and Algeria, it is customary to look for children with characteristics such as being redheaded with blue eyes or blond with light eyes”. According to certain beliefs, “they would have a potential for luck much higher than normal”, specifies the paranormal expert, adding: “They are then kidnapped and then resold to be used for treasure hunts or to perform miracles”.

Regarding “treasure hunts”, author Jean-Didier tells Planet that, according to legend, before the invention of banks, “people used certain lands, wells or cemeteries to hide money or their savings. At the time of their death, these people took with them their secret hiding places which then became the property of the Djinns”. The Djinns come from Arabic prophetic traditions and are “supernatural creatures halfway between angels and men”, specifies the medium.

Zouhris children were then used for the purpose of finding these buried treasures, but they could also end up “in a satanic ritual of sexual abuse, mutilation or as an offering to Satan”, without financial connotation, he concludes with Planet. Is the satanic motive mentioned by the investigators concerning Dahbia B.?

The hypotheses of a “sacrifice” or a “satanic rite”, or even a “racist crime” were denied earlier this week by Dahbia B.’s lawyer, Me Alexandre Silva. According to him, these tracks are not considered for the moment, at this stage of the investigation. Free murder? Revenge for a futile reason? The state of the suspect’s mental health still raises questions, while psychiatric expertise must be carried out in the coming days.

Incarcerated in Fresnes prison since October 17, Dahbia B. was placed in solitary confinement and therefore does not meet any other inmate. As TF1 explains, she is subject to “very specific and permanent surveillance by prison officers”. A source quoted by the television channel specifies that the isolation is explained by fear of “the violence that some detainees could exercise against this woman, in view of the acts she is accused of having committed and the risk of mutilation or suicide of Ms. Dahbia B. in prison”.

*Jean-Didier is a medium and paranormal expert. He has just published his latest book, The Magical Power of Stones and Crystals (Lotus and Elephant editions).