Murder of Lola: what do we know about the handrail filed against Dahbia B. in 2019?


Dahbia B., 24, is still in pre-trial detention at Fresnes prison. The main suspect in the murder of little Lola, 12, has been indicted for murder of a 15-year-old minor, rape and acts of torture and barbarity, and will be the subject of a psychological expertise in the coming days. .

However, new revelations about her past have surfaced: it turns out that two medical secretaries had filed a handrail against the suspect in 2019, according to BFMTV.

The events that led to the filing of this handrail are cause for concern… At that time, Dhabia B. would have gone to a medical office in the north of Paris. When she arrived in the waiting room, a violent altercation reportedly broke out between her and the two medical secretaries on duty. Incident which was filmed on a mobile phone.

Once her consultation is over, Dhabia refuses to pay on the pretext that the doctor would have provided her with care that she had not requested. The altercation with the two secretaries flares up again, and the young woman begins to kick them.

One of the two employees will be covered with bruises following this incident, so much so that her doctor will certify a work accident. The other would have been fired: she would have retaliated, hitting Dhabia in turn…

Before leaving, the young woman affirms that she will return, and threatens the two women: “you don’t know what I am capable of”, she would have launched. She will indeed return with a friend, who will then pay part of the costs for her.

Following these events, the two secretaries had filed a handrail against Dhabia to keep track of the facts, in fear that she would one day carry out her threats.

The context differs, but it turns out that the intentions of the declared victims turn out to be correct… Dhabia struck again, but in much more serious dimensions this time.

As part of his indictment in the murder, rape and kidnapping of little Lola, these elements could prove to be very important, as they testify to the personality and violent liabilities of the main suspect.