A German comes as an alleged IS-a war criminal before the court. The woman admitted according to research by the office of the attorney General, that a five-year-old girl was enslaved in their household, and in the case of a criminal action died of thirst. Before the state security Senate of the higher regional court of Munich has now brought the charges against Jennifer W., how the Federal government told lawyers on Friday in Karlsruhe.

The U.S. attorney’s office alleges that the woman, as a member of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IS) “out of low motives, a people cruelly killed,” and to have “a war crime” committed. In addition, you have breach of the war weapons control act.

The now 27-Year-old joined according to the figures, in September 2014 the IS. Between June and September 2015 you will have as a “moral police”, armed with machine gun, pistol and explosive belt, and in the evenings in the Parks of the Iraqi cities of Fallujah and Mosul worked, according to the indictment. She had controlled according to the indictment, whether women comply with IS established by behavior and clothing requirements.

The Federal Prosecutor’s office informed that the woman and her husband bought in the summer of 2015, from a group of prisoners of war out of a girl, would you have held in your household as a slave. The five year old was sick and had wet the bed on a mattress. Since the husband had chained the girl to the punishment in the Free, and the child is there, “in scorching heat, in agony of thirst.” In the indictment, the woman is accused of that they did nothing to rescue the child.