in December in Val Gardena difficult ousted Swiss skier Marc Gisin wants to start his rehab again in the world Cup. The 30-Year-old was placed still no precise Plan for the future and should the accident still more to process, he told the Swiss television on Wednesday. “But in principle, I would very much like to re-race.”

The driver was at 15. December came in Val Gardena evil case, and had suffered several broken ribs, which led to a lung injury. Therefore, he had to first be ventilated artificially. Gisin was still flown on the Day of the accident to Luzern in Switzerland, where he died on may 21. December left the intensive care unit.

“for Me, it goes according to the circumstances very well,” said Gisin. “The Doctors are amazed and pleased at how quickly it goes forward. But there are still some construction sites, and it still needs a bit of time.“ Due to two small hip injuries, he has to walk with crutches.

The Swiss admitted to have at the time of the accident had much luck, as he was thrown on the Saslong slope, over a notorious camel humps, and on the head and back hit the floor. At the sight of the video footage he could not explain why before the jump, his skis tilted. “It could be a good season. Therefore, it is a great pity. On the other hand, I’m grateful that I’m here and everything will be fine again,“ he said.