Three young Germans have been rescued after a night on a 2000 metre high mountain in Austria. The three 22-Year-old could drive on Sunday evening in the Tyrol, with heavy snow and total darkness is no longer and placed an emergency call, such as the Austrian news Agency APA reported. Because of the bad weather conditions they could be, therefore, only on Monday afternoon by a rescue helicopter recovered. Two of the Rescued the plight survived, according to the APA unharmed. A man was admitted accordingly, with frostbite of the hands and feet in a hospital.

The three 22-Year-old from Berlin, and the rural district of Potsdam-Mittelmark were Almbahnen on Sunday afternoon, with snow shoes from the valley station of the Ehrwalder in the direction of “the Knorr hut” on the Zugspitzplatt ascended. Against 21.30 o’clock the three reached exhausted, therefore, completely, in total darkness and in heavy snow the so-called “Feldernjöchl drive” on 2000 meters of altitude, from where you have to drop an emergency call. They dug a cave, therefore, a snow, to survive the night.

the first rescue mission had to be cancelled because of the stormy wind and the quantities of fresh Snow after midnight. On Monday, it was then started a new attempt, a recovery was, however, due to the bad weather and snow amounts again not possible. It was not until the visibility improved in the afternoon for a short time, and recovered the three German rescue helicopter.