Being on the road is not easy. Beware of scams and thefts, which can happen quickly. In the genre, the bandits are not left out to relieve their victims of their good. According to the Démarches Administratives site, there is, for example, the “ticket placed under the windshield wiper” scam… Most of the time, for €50, which a crook will slip, so that, once installed , his target notices him and gets out of his vehicle. At this point, it’s too late, the thief gets inside the car, where usually the keys are left in the ignition. He starts and leaves.

There is also the “broken mirror” technique. The scammer accosts his prey explaining to him that he hit his car, and that this done, this part so important to safety did not hold up. So, the scammer contacts his “insurer” or rather his accomplice, who tells him that the repair costs will be substantial. “Good Samaritan” at heart, he offers an amicable arrangement… And will get rich.

It comes back every year… The “flat tire” scam! According to the media L’Automobile, especially during the summer holidays, when many French people are on the road. The cunning crooks sneak up on the spotted vehicle when it is stationary. In particular, at border tolls, car parks, rest areas or petrol stations. Once done, he comes to offer his help to the target to re-inflate his tire… While a friend, discreetly, slips into the back of the car and steals the victim’s belongings. To avoid any theft, caution recommends locking your passenger compartment before re-inflating your tire and above all, refusing help from a third party.