The British spoorwegbeheerder Network Rail is a shocking video, shared by an incident at a grade crossing. This past weekend, escaping with a motorcyclist at the last minute in an up and coming train in the Uk, Gravesend. The bewakingsbeelden wants to Network Rail, the people have to wake up.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon. The motorcyclist was through a friend, through a fence and drive away that provides the only access to the tracks. His vigilance had, however, much to be desired. Because of the time he is in the wrong direction, looked up, he noticed that the train is not until very late on. With a quick turn of the steering wheel proved to be sufficient for the high-speed road. The reckless motorcyclist should in any case not the tracks, crossing: the railroad crossing is the only access for pedestrians.

The images should be since, as a warning to others who might casually dare to behave at a level crossing. “ I was shocked when I saw the footage of the incident had been seen,” said van der Hoeven, director for Network Rail. “We must think about the dangers of absent-mindedness, when a transition is certainly not to be underestimated.” The police responded to all of the graphic images. “She is one of the a lot of fortunate that he was not seriously injured in hit-or even worse, killed.”

Noteworthy: in July of last year, there are seven similar incidents have been counted in the number of applications. “We are currently assessing the safety of the railway tracks”, sounds like it’s still in the spoorwegbeheerder. For the time being, those involved in the recent incident have not been identified.

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