A date to circle in red in your diary. Mother’s Day 2023 is celebrated this Sunday, June 4 in France, since France still celebrates it after many countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. Gifts, flowers, touching messages full of nostalgia… The attentions will be numerous in the families who will have the chance to reunite. Like last year, Mother’s Day escapes confinement and, after months of restrictions, the French want to find their loved ones.

While many of you rely primarily on a material gift, such as perfume, electronic devices, books, wine, clothes, etc., some prefer non-material gifts. Flowers are also a great alternative for those on a tight budget or for those who don’t want to give an object for Mother’s Day. A gift is nothing compared to small attentions, remember to accompany your present with a message for your mother.

Forget the traditional, nice but boring, “Happy Mother’s Day” or “Happy Mother’s Day.” If you like to write, take your finest pen to list your mom’s qualities. If you’re not really comfortable with words, choose a nice writer’s quote, as many have described a mother’s love for her child very well through literature. If you have a sense of humor and your mother does too, why not wish her birthday in a joking tone? No question of being insolent or disrespectful, but rather of emphasizing what makes her a mother like no other, with a touch of humor. Discover funny and original message ideas in our slideshow above.