Ham –

The Public Prosecutor’s office has a jail term of one year, with the probatieuitstel claimed to be a 33-year-old mother of three, the children of Ham, who himself is in the bathroom and had trapped and a fire lit. A day earlier, the woman had herself, and her ex-husband, and her three children are also sprayed with acetone, and it threatened to set them on fire.

The woman was in the beginning of July 2016, and is devastated when her dishwasher gave up the ghost. She was doing this to her complain about her ex, that’s when the children came to pick them up. The woman bathed herself and the other people in the past with a bottle of acetone, and was in danger to herself and the children on fire.

Her ex-partner was the wife, then get the lighter to put up, and promised her that the next day, and a new dishwasher would be to go out and buy. But that did not happen, because the family is not a loan for this purpose could be granted.

once Again threatened, it is wrong to walk away, when, upon returning home, the women were able to see a lot of threw it and tried to set fire to. Her ex was able to prevent the fire began. The woman in the ditch itself, then go into the bathroom and put it once again with a lot of wet clothes in the fire. That caused a lot of smoke, which was noticed by her ex-husband. Who brought the children to safety and called and then for the emergency services.

The fire was the woman, barely out of her bathroom herself. “If it is five minutes later I had arrived at the house in flames,” said the prosecutor during the proceedings.

During her trial the story of the woman who deliberately fire had been. According to her, it was a lit cigarette onto the wet clothes in some cases. Her lawyer asked for her acquittal. The verdict will follow on the 13th of november.