Heat waves, deadly storms… Lately, the weather has certainly not been easy. This week, the elements were really unleashed on France, and violent storms, very often accompanied by intense showers and impressive gusts of wind, broke out in the four corners of the territory.

The situation has become critical in Corsica, where 5 people lost their lives on Thursday August 18 due to bad weather.

The storm phenomenon of a rare magnitude could, however, help to reduce the drought, also extreme, which took hold this summer in our regions. Indeed, it fell, locally, between Tuesday and Thursday, nearly a month of rain in 24 hours, indicates the Weather Channel.

But this climate is also beneficial for… mosquitoes. Indeed, specifies Midi Libre, the accumulations of these last days have raised the level of ponds and water points.

“ “In wetlands, females lay eggs on dry soil. In the hours following the impoundment, especially in summer, we see the hatching of the larvae. This is when we must act for maximum efficiency”, explains to the daily Jean-Claude Mouret, operational coordinator at the EID (Interdepartmental Agreement for Mosquito Control of the Mediterranean Coast).

In just a few days, these new larvae will become mosquitoes, ready to invade our spaces and spoil our nights.

You will have to be vigilant, therefore, especially if you live in one of the departments where all the conditions seem to be in place for an invasion of mosquitoes in the coming days.

Discover their list in our slideshow.

Caution is particularly needed when dealing with the tiger mosquito, which is also likely to proliferate this weekend. “The EID thus advises hunting for stagnant water every four to five days”, continues Midi Libre.